Getting quality backlinks to your website is the most challenging part of any seo campaign. Even though there are tons of link building methods, most of them have been nullified with the advancement of Google’s algorithm.

Now post Panda & Penguin you need some really quality backlinks to move up the SERPS and most importantly to stay there for good, and we have the perfect way of doing it, introducing Content Marketing Service.


Our Content Marketing  (also referred as guest blogging service) is the most effective and safe link building method available today that not only improves your search visibility but also betters your brand exposure.

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How does it work ?

Most of the web blogs entertain guest authors to contribute an article or visual graphic (aka infographic), the article has contextual backlinks to authors’ desired website which are cited as references or credited for information or relevancy, we would put your link among them, which gets a quality backlink.

So we are going to WIN it for you without you having you to worry about the tedious job of  brainstorming  interesting topics, approaching the busy webmasters and getting the articles published as all of this would take time, effort and lots of patience, which might not be something you could always afford, right ? so we do it for you !

The challenging part of guest blogging now, post anti spam algorithm updates is high rejection rate and amount of work needed to get things in place in this approach as guest blogging is everyone’s approach now, hence webmasters aren’t really excited about getting a guest post from a totally unknown person anymore as they get tons of mails every day from people persuading them to allow for a guest post which gives them the leverage to say no to most. So one has to approach tons of web blogs in the most convincing way with topics and well written articles that would stand out from the rest to make the webmaster say “yes”.

Our Guest Blogging Service does all thatwe would go and outreach in the most convincing way with the most amazing content to numerous webmasters and guest post on highest quality authority web blogs in your niche on your behalf and place your links in the author bio so that your online business would enjoy the benefits of guest blogging-Traffic, Backlinks and Brand exposure without you having to do anything.

Also since we have been doing this for a while now, down the path we have managed to establish relationships with various webmasters who now act upon quickly when we approach them as they are well aware of the quality of guest posts we provide and the transaction goes smoothly without any inquires and scrutiny-another reason you should hire us for the job.

Are the Blogs relevant to your Niche ?

Yes absolutely, this is an outreach approach where we reach out to high quality and relevant blogs in your niche and research, brainstorm and write articles that would lure the webmaster to get it published on his blog. We are referring to high quality blogs that get tons of search engine traffic, have a loyal reader base and have social media activity-users sharing, tweeting the articles with their friends and followers.

We also try to write articles that are parallel to your niche and complement the keyword you are looking to optimize.

What kind of Blogs are these ?

We approach only to blogs that have high quality content, readership and social media presence. Industry standard metrics like Page rank, Domain authority, Page authority and Alexa Rank are also considered.

How many backlinks per post ?

Preferably 1, although many webmasters allow 2,we recommend 1 for best results, however we will leave this on you, if you would like to opt for 2, we will send 2 links and leave it on the webmaster’s choice.

How long will the links stay ?

These are supposed to be permanent do follow back links and should stay as long as the blog is live, however we guarantee the links to be live  for atleast 6 months and if they are removed on or before the time, we are happy to do a replacement.

Who writes the content ?

We have a team of brilliant writers, experts in various niches who would write a 100% unique and interesting article that the webmasters can’t say no to.

Contact US Now !

Please use the contact form below if you would like more information, a team member will assist you within 12 hrs, also you may want to check out our social media marketing service which when put together with the content marketing service has proven results.

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