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Advanced Guest Posting Service

The most lackluster, risky and time consuming module of SEO-Link Building is something we excel at, Why ? do you ask, because its undeniably the most important one too and so, we do it with great care and passion.

So no matter if you are a digital agency or a savvy internet marketer we can take care of all your link building needs. Our client retention rate of over 70% since 3 years proves that we believe in long term commitment than a short stint with our clients.

Blogger Outreach

We at SEO Halt believe in authentic ways to earn links and found that there is no better way to proactively build links than guest posting via custom blogger outreach.

Do not mistake our services with guest posting on blog networks and low quality guest post farms that Google warned everyone against.

We won’t pretend like Google never warned against guest posting as a practice to build links, but and this is a big BUT, if done right, this still is the most effective way to earn high quality links that will skyrocket your search engine rankings. It’s a known fact that Google doesn’t want anyone to proactively build links in any way as people tend to go too-far and start spamming & abusing the system if given the chance but that’s not how we do it.

guest posting service
We only outreach to high quality authority blogs in the target niche and contribute exceptional content that not only earns organic backlinks but also builds your brand and floods you with referral traffic. We guest post on authentic blogs who have a tight screening process on the guest articles and care about what they share with their audience.

Our Promise

Our high quality, advanced guest posting service will earn you or your client’s, safe, relevant and authority backlinks that will not only improve your search rankings but will also buzz your brand and flood your site with referral traffic.


All the content can be reviewed and approved by you. We will only build contextual links from the body of the content and not from the author byline. We would do custom link prospecting for the project after discussing your niche, keywords and target audience.

We do not own or use any sort of blog networks. All the blogs for your project can be approved by you. We will work in sync with your in-house SEO & content teams. Round the clock support and real time reporting using Google Drive.

No questions asked content and links take down. Confidentiality, we take your privacy very seriously. We are open to NDA and with years of experience in link building, we particularly know the Don’ts quite well.

We use Domain Authority by as the base metric to assess a website’s quality, however this is not the sole metric we rely upon.

We analyze a website based on its content, traffic, user engagement and social media presence, however at the end of the day, you are the one who could approve/reject the website under reasonable grounds.

We offer two tiers of guest posting

Standard Tier

Domain Authority: 30+

Minimum Posts To Ordered: 5

Package price: 550 USD

Higher Tier

Domain Authority: 40

Minimum Posts To Ordered: 2

Package Price: 400 USD

Pricing includes research, content production & placement.

If you are a digital agency or would like to produce your own content, discounted pricing can be discussed. To know more about pricing, samples and the whole outreach process for larger orders, kindly drop us an email to