A Timeline of Panda & Penguin Updates [Infographic]

Ever since the first Panda update back in 2011, the world of SEO has never been the same. What followed could only be termed subtly as a nightmare for every blogger, internet marketer and SEO agency. However Google’s intention to clean up the spam started working out for the greater good (though one could still argue about its alterior motives, Adwords?) but nevertheless spam has decreased and webmasters now focus on producing better content and an overall better user experience from their websites. So how about a timeline of these animal updates (panda and penguin) from Google? Well, folks at marketingsignals.com have designed an interesting Infographic just on that. Let us know what you think of it in the comment section. Feel free too share this IG on your blog as well.

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Interesting Facts About Mobile Commerce

The importance of catering to mobile users cannot be overlooked anymore, why ? check out the Infographic designed by our team to find which demonstrates some intresting stats about the radical growth in mobile commerce.

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Why Should a Small Business invest in SEO?

Running a small business in this fierce competition successfully is no joke. Good exposure to the company, its products and services in this digital era is a must. But there are many challenges small businesses face, like having smaller marketing budgets, small number of employees etc. So how would a humble small business compete and conquer their target audience? The answer is simple: SEO.
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Local SEO : Why should you care ?

Local SEO

If you run any kind of business that has location that customers can visit, or one which provides services in a certain local area, then local SEO should definitely be something to care about. Many small business owners have taken some actions to improve their “traditional” SEO, such as improving the speed at which their page loads, or adding useful and informational content to their websites on a regular basis. While general SEO strategies are quite useful for everyone, there are certain specific strategies that you can apply to make your business stand out in local search results. Continue reading Local SEO : Why should you care ?

Some Amazing Facts About The Internet [Infographic]

Its been 25 years since the inception of this amazing network, and it is crazy how fast it has been adapted and how much more it will be in the coming years. Today more than a third of the world’s population uses internet and it wont be long before the number doubles. Internet, without a doubt, made an impeccable impact on our lives, it has changed the way we connect, the way we work and share everything, without it, the world won’t be the same anymore. In fact, one could say internet is one of the top 5 inventions of all time. Continue reading Some Amazing Facts About The Internet [Infographic]

5 Reasons Why Your Guest Post Pitch Is Failing [Witty Version]

Will you wear my letter jacket?

Getting someone else to host your content on their website or blog as a guest post is a lot like getting a girl to go steady with you, and then prove it by sporting your letter jacket as proof of your relationship. Just like having a hot girl strut through the high school halls sporting your colors can make you a very popular fellow, getting your post on the front page of popular sites can do the same. But just as having a fast ride and a smooth game can get you the cheerleader of your dreams, having the right benefits and the ability to convey them properly to website owners can get you the content placement you need to take your own project to the next level. There are only a few reasons girls give for refusing prospective beaus, and they ring almost identical to the accounts of webmasters telling why they turn down the opportunity of content space to inquiring guest posters. Continue reading 5 Reasons Why Your Guest Post Pitch Is Failing [Witty Version]

Link Building Techniques That Work In The Penguin Era

Search engine optimization is something that has been evolving constantly since search engines first came into existence. For years, search engine algorithms were quite predictable and website owners could see success if they followed some pretty simple methods of link building and promotion.

Today, however, things are different, especially since the well known Penguin update that Google implemented a while back. Many of the link building tactics that worked just a short time ago are no longer effective, and in some cases, even highly detrimental to the rankings of those who use them. If you are wondering about what link building methods today are safe to use and will actually show results, then read the suggestions below.
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Is Link Building Still Effective Post Penguin Update?

The history of Panda Panic has been repeated even this year although it was via a different medium! After the April’s Google Penguin update, countless site rankings has been destroyed. Therefore, it is obvious to ask and know about how effective is link building after this penguin update. Also known as the ‘Webspam update’, the Penguin update had tackled with ‘unnatural’ links by remaining with the scope of Google’s definition for it. So, what kinds of links were badly affected by this latest update? Let’s have a look. Continue reading Is Link Building Still Effective Post Penguin Update?

On Page SEO-Are you Overdoing it ?

When it comes to SEO, nothing lasts forever. Blame the amateurs and black hatters who start to abuse the system and make change quite inevitable. Google recently has deindexed a lot of public blog networks that were abusing the system with contextual blog post links.This is a sign how hard folks at Google are working to keep the internet clean, so fellows if you are still using black hat or grey hat methods to make your way through the SERPS its time to slow down.

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