A Timeline of Panda & Penguin Updates [Infographic]

Ever since the first Panda update back in 2011, the world of SEO has never been the same. What followed could only be termed subtly as a nightmare for every blogger, internet marketer and SEO agency. However Google’s intention to clean up the spam started working out for the greater good (though one could still argue about its alterior motives, Adwords?) but nevertheless spam has decreased and webmasters now focus on producing better content and an overall better user experience from their websites. So how about a timeline of these animal updates (panda and penguin) from Google? Well, folks at marketingsignals.com have designed an interesting Infographic just on that. Let us know what you think of it in the comment section. Feel free too share this IG on your blog as well.




Why Should a Small Business invest in SEO ?

Running a small business in this fierce competition successfully is no joke. Good exposure to the company, its products and services in this digital era is a must. But there are many challenges small businesses face, like having smaller marketing budgets, small number of employees etc. So how would a humble small business compete and conquer their target audience? The answer is simple: SEO.

small business seo

So what’s SEO ? – Allow us to define it in simple words.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a method to improve the exposure of your website in the search engine results page (SERPS), these search engines follow multiple algorithms to find , index and prioritize your website in their search results when a user searches for something, we call these search terms as “keywords”. One needs to optimize their website so that search engines would find and rank their website for their targeted keywords. Finding the right buyer keywords and optimizing your website so that your potential customers could find it is the key and it takes years of experience and research to do it right.

Here are some reasons small businesses should invest in learning SEO or hire professionals for a better ROI.

The Exposure

Needless to say, SEO gives a small business the exposure they need online. In this internet era,  having a good website and the right exposure to it will help reach your potential target audience. Remember a website is the face of your business online and it is very important that it is set up properly, like being optimized for speed, having proper structure and content. But, and this is a big BUT, no matter how good your website is, the point is lost if one cannot find it in search engines.

SEO is budget friendly

Advertising on printed media or television will cost a bomb and again the exposure will not as targeted as in SEO. Obviously small business cannot afford that, which is why we call them “small” business in the first place. But here is the fact, with just a few hundred dollars of investment in SEO every month you could get amazing ROI ….”if” done right, this “if” is tricky…read on.

You need experts

With billions of websites out there and most of the niches having competition in millions, be it for PPC advertising or organic search results, one has to have sound knowledge and experience in SEO to achieve desired results. Especially now that search giants, like Google are updating their algorithm almost every day, one needs to stay on top of these changes and create the right plan of action.

It’s safe to assume that many small businesses won’t have the time for that. That’s  why we are here, to help you achieve your goals at a reasonable price and with experience, skill and patience to get the job, you can sit back and enjoy the results, contact us now for a free quote and free website audit.

Any questions ? Please comment and we will get back to you asap.

Local SEO : Why should you care ?

Local SEO

If you run any kind of business that has location that customers can visit, or one which provides services in a certain local area, then local SEO should definitely be something to care about. Many small business owners have taken some actions to improve their “traditional” SEO, such as improving the speed at which their page loads, or adding useful and informational content to their websites on a regular basis. While general SEO strategies are quite useful for everyone, there are certain specific strategies that you can apply to make your business stand out in local search results.

Local vs. General Search Results – Understanding the Difference

There are many search queries for which the websites returned in search results could be located anywhere in the world. Examples include people looking for information on how to accomplish a certain task and running a query for it, like “How to use Photoshop” or “How to fix a hole in jeans.” In other cases, the user could be searching for a product that could be provided by a business offering its services at a national or international level, such as web hosting or online fax services.

But there are queries in which local results will be the most logical and will thus appear prominently on the first page. A person that just arrived in a new city and is looking for a restaurant, or someone who needs the services of an electrician would obviously want to see listings of businesses that are close to their location. If you want your business to feature in these results, you will need to deploy some local SEO efforts.

Optimizing Your Website for Local SEO

All of the general SEO best practices will still apply, so your site will still need to have quality content, be easy to navigate, load rapidly and be free of technical glitches. But there are some specific elements that you should include to make local SEO easier.

Every page on your website should include your basic contact information, consisting of your business name, address and phone number (NAP). This information can be included in either the header or the footer of your site and should be in the form of text and not an image.

You should also include detailed information on the products or services provided by your business. For example, if you own a plumbing business that provides 24 hour emergency plumbing services, this should be mentioned several times in your site content. Otherwise, a user running a query for “24 hour plumber” may not see your site in their search results if you don’t make it clear that you offer your services around the clock.

Citations and Reviews: Other Key Local SEO Elements

Companies that are featured prominently in local search results are typically those who are also featured quite prominently in other places online. Every time your business is mentioned on another website, this counts as a citation.

Common ways to get citations include ensuring that your business is listed in Google +, as well as other business directories and review sites, such as Yelp and LocalEze. Your listing should be accurate and the name, address and phone number should match exactly the one on your own website.

Finally, getting positive reviews from your customers is important, as businesses that are rated highly get better results in local SEO. Google gives a lot of importance to the reviews left about your business on Google +, as well as other directories such as Yelp. By considering the reviews, search engines ensure that businesses which provide a positive experience for their customers are rewarded with a higher position in search results.

Some Amazing Facts About The Internet [Infographic]

Its been 25 years since the inception of this amazing network, and it is crazy how fast it has been adapted and how much more it will be in the coming years. Today more than a third of the world’s population uses internet and it wont be long before the number doubles. Internet, without a doubt, made an impeccable impact on our lives, it has changed the way we connect, the way we work and share everything, without it, the world won’t be the same anymore. In fact, one could say internet is one of the top 5 inventions of all time.

So, we have decided to jot down some amazing facts that every internet user should know, especially being an internet marketing company we felt it was our duty to spread this message. Please feel free to share this on your website, blog or social media profiles.

25 Years of Internet

Download this infographic.

5 Reasons Why Your Guest Post Pitch Is Failing [Witty Version]

Will you wear my letter jacket?

Getting someone else to host your content on their website or blog as a guest post is a lot like getting a girl to go steady with you, and then prove it by sporting your letter jacket as proof of your relationship. Just like having a hot girl strut through the high school halls sporting your colors can make you a very popular fellow, getting your post on the front page of popular sites can do the same. But just as having a fast ride and a smooth game can get you the cheerleader of your dreams, having the right benefits and the ability to convey them properly to website owners can get you the content placement you need to take your own project to the next level. There are only a few reasons girls give for refusing prospective beaus, and they ring almost identical to the accounts of webmasters telling why they turn down the opportunity of content space to inquiring guest posters.

why your guest post pitch fails

There are 5 top reasons why Website owners tell Jack to “hit the road”.

1. You’re A Lazy Bum.

If you are just looking for a place to plaster your links and self promote, then you can take that stuff elsewhere. There is a reason Google slapped the heck out of all of those spammy content farms and article directories in the past, and bloggers who value their rankings have no interest in getting with you if their big brother is going to rough them up like Ike Turner did Tina because your a bum. Contributing a guest post is not the same as the bum marketing strategies that got so many of those that hosted lazy marketers in trouble, and responsible webmasters make sure bums never have a chance.

guest post pitch

2. You’re In The Wrong Clique

Are you trying to get back links from other sources based mainly on their PR rank or because they contain a sought after keyword? Just because a girl is popular or fits your fetish doesn’t mean she’s the right one. Successful JVs take the right match. Make sure you look for niche relevant partners. Also look for sites that would look natural showcasing you writing style.

3. You’re Not Popular And Your An Idiot

Ok, so sometimes it is all about the popularity and not going to prom with the guy given the greatest improvement in special ed award. Great relationships aren’t based solely on what you get out of it, and you shouldn’t really expect your partner get excited if everyone hates you, or even worse, no one even knows who you are. You should both be able to share your social circle and intelligent conversation. If you do not have the ability to provide either, there’s not much in it for the other person. If you can not provide extra traffic from your own following or known expertise that will improve a bloggers site content, then be prepared to get shot down every time.

4. You’re Awkward or Shy

Sometimes good guys just don’t have a chance because they do not know what to say. Girls like a man with confidence and the ability to convey it. Likewise, you should be able to propose the benefits you offer convincingly, or just like that lonely shy kid, you might have to just keep that image in your mind, and um, well you know.

5. Your A Sleazeball with No Tact

Some girls like the bad boy act, but telling all the girls in the hall that Viagra, a cigarette, and a good time awaits them in the locker room rarely works to your benefit. That only works with easy girls who don’t commit. If you use blackhat methods to contact blog owners you will ruin your chances of finding quality hosts and quickly become known as a bottom feeder to be avoided.

Link Building Techniques That Work In The Penguin Era

Search engine optimization is something that has been evolving constantly since search engines first came into existence. For years, search engine algorithms were quite predictable and website owners could see success if they followed some pretty simple methods of link building and promotion.

Today, however, things are different, especially since the well known Penguin update that Google implemented a while back. Many of the link building tactics that worked just a short time ago are no longer effective, and in some cases, even highly detrimental to the rankings of those who use them. If you are wondering about what link building methods today are safe to use and will actually show results, then read the suggestions below.

Best link building techniques post penguin

Focus On Link Quality Over Quantity

A big mistake that many website owners today are making is that they are stuck in the mentality that building as many links from as many sources as possible is still a good way to go. Sadly, this is not true, and link quality is now much more important than link quantity. Focus your efforts on getting backlinks from only high quality websites with lots of authority.

Build Large Pages Of High Quality Content

Webpages with high word counts that contain well organized and genuinely helpful information are the ones that are ranking well today in Google. The reason for this is twofold. First, Google loves pages that have excellent information architecture, meaning that they are easy to read and contain a lot of information on a subject.

A long page is more likely to rank high than a short one is.Secondly, pages that contain information that is useful will be shared often by those who visit it. This allows links to build organically over time as more people visit a page and feel inspired to spread the word about it through their own websites.

It is because of this that on-page search engine optimization has become so popular in recent years. Many website owners are finding that if they just create compelling content, links will naturally begin to grow for them as a result.

Realize The Importance Of Anchor Text Diversity

In the past, you may have used the same anchor text for the links you built in order to get a page to rank for a specific term. For example, if you had a webpage about dog training, you would use the phrase “dog training” as the anchor text for your links as often as possible in order to rank for that specific term.

This is not as effective as it once was, and Google now highly values anchor text diversity and rewards it in their rankings. When you build links today, choose a wide range of keywords that you are prepared to use as anchor text.

Social Media Shares Can Boost Your Rankings

Social media websites are constantly growing, and it is no secret that you should have strong followings on several of them. Focus on communicating and interacting as much as possible with your various social media followers, but also encourage them to share your content.

Google now evaluates social shares across the main social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+. This is not something that most people think about when the topic of link building comes up, but social media shares can be just as valuable as the contextual links that most webmasters focus so strongly on acquiring.

Appear On News Websites

Links from reputable news websites are excellent links to focus on building as you try to figure out what will work best post Penguin. Build relationships with writers for news outlets through social media, email, connections within your industry and press releases.

Publish Guest Posts On Related Blogs

Many bloggers today allow people to guest post on their blogs, as it is a great way to build free content that is relevant to their readers, so you should definitely capitalize on this as often as possible.

Simply reach out to any bloggers who own blogs that are relevant to your niche and offer them some content. Get familiar with a bloggers’ past content and guest posters, then focus on creating guest posts that you think their readers will enjoy based on that assessment.

These are just a few of the most well proven link building tactics that are still showing positive results today despite the changes that the Penguin made to SEO for Google. If you take some time to implement them, you will increase your chances of rising in the search results for your target keywords and see more success than ever before.

Is Link Building Still Effective Post Penguin Update?

The history of Panda Panic has been repeated even this year although it was via a different medium! After the April’s Google Penguin update, countless site rankings has been destroyed. Therefore, it is obvious to ask and know about how effective is link building after this penguin update. Also known as the ‘Webspam update’, the Penguin update had tackled with ‘unnatural’ links by remaining with the scope of Google’s definition for it. So, what kinds of links were badly affected by this latest update? Let’s have a look.


The Far-Reaching Effect of the Post Penguin Update

The most badly affected links were the paid links that featured the precise match anchor text. Therefore, sites with numerous inward links with little or no variety in anchor text were hit. Next, the sites or blogs having thousands of crap comments were blocked. This is because Google is in favor of quality comments that are put on high quality sites or blogs. Third, the one-way link networks have also been the worst sufferers.

Fourth, the links with exactly matching anchor text from article directories were criticized. So, it is obvious that the common practice of spamming similar or spun articleswill not work henceforth. Now, the solution is to stick to only some high-quality directories and submit dissimilar articles in each of them. Lastly, the low-quality sites as deemed by Google, which had guest posts, were also penalized. Don’t panic! Not all guest posting sites were hold back! So, how to tackle link building now?

The Future Way to Go

 To find a solution, just remember that you need to be very particular about the types of links pointing to your sites because of the hard-to-beat spy, Google. So, is link building is yet effective with some quality tweaks? Let’s see!

The first tweak is regarding the link from directories. How about obtaining a reference from a high quality article directory like hub pages? Yes, ‘Old is Gold’ holds true now! Believe me; if the site is obtaining links from the article directories with Page Rank (PR)of 3 or more, it will never become the victim of any Google update. So, this can be your major quality link building strategy.


Next, always ensure that your content is unique and useful! You must be writing blogs and articles that must be teaching somebody something or must be giving some valuable tips or suggestions. Such articles are always shared online by the fans and bloggers of your niche provided that the content is suitable and useful.


You also need to pay attention on guest posts that you must submit only on the highest quality sites,we offer Guest posting service to meet this need. What you can then do is provide links to the posts from your site. I mean it! It is safer to be liberal with outbound links even if it means linking to rival sites, provided that it is going to aid your site visitors. The benefit will be seen when other sites respond simultaneously. And luckily, Googlealways favors outbound links!


Lastly, look for most visited forums if you really do not want to rely in link building. Provide valuable content to users and make friends with active people. In this way, you can build relationship and achieve the same that link building can give you!

On Page SEO-Are you Overdoing it ?

When it comes to SEO, nothing lasts forever. Blame the amateurs and black hatters who start to abuse the system and make change quite inevitable. Google recently has deindexed a lot of public blog networks that were abusing the system with contextual blog post links.This is a sign how hard folks at Google are working to keep the internet clean, so fellows if you are still using black hat or grey hat methods to make your way through the SERPS its time to slow down.

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